About My Art

subongkot flower petal art Eugene OregonBaan Yai Art is the culmination of Subongkot Pethnui’s life experiences expressed through flower petals.

Her journey began as a young child in the small village of Baan Yai, in southern Thailand. Each morning she would follow her grandmother to the garden where flowers were picked for the Buddha and the local monk. Subongkot noticed her grandmother talking to the flowers before picking them and asked, “What are you saying to the flowers Grandma?” Her grandmother said that she asked each flower to go with her to see the Buddha and the monk, to participate in morning chanting and meditation, listen to sermons of the Buddha’s teaching, offer food to the  monks, and be part of a candlelight procession.

One evening Subongkot placed flowers before the Buddha. A few petals fell to the floor. She tucked the petals in a book then forgot about them. A year later she opened the book and to her surprise, there were several dry and beautiful flat petals. At the time she wanted to make a card for mother and grandmother using paint and brush. Her family could not afford them. Instead, she used the petals, along with a starchy glue made from the Sagu Palm then crafted a beautiful card that resembled a painting. Subongkot learned the language of the flowers from this experience, and it has brought great joy and happiness to her life.

Today Subongkot is very grateful to have learned about the beauty and joy of flowers from her wise grandmother. In Subongkot’s own words, “I love to express my life through flower petal art. It is like an old friend that is deep in my heart. I hope everyone who sees my art enjoys it as much as I do. Thank you for visiting my Baan Yai Art.”